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Min. Deposit: 50$
Min. Withdraw: 10$
Plans: 0.5% daily
Affiliate Program: 30% – 5% – 5% – 5% – 5% Partner income
Start Date: Dec 02, 2022
Added Blog Date: Dec 03, 2022
Profit Accrual: 7 day/ week Mon – Sun
All Monitors:
Payment System
Payment Systems
Payment System
Manual Payout Type
Domain Register
Sep 23, 2022 - Sep 23, 2024
Registered on 2 year

Custom ScriptLICENSED



IP-address (United States / Council Bluffs)

IP was not used in other projects
NS servers,


Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA valid from 23 Nov, 2022 to 24 Nov, 2023 - Sectigo Limited

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About TradeXFast

TradeXFast is officially registered company in UK (Registered Number: 14024608). TradexFast specializes in investment activities in the following fields: Fund management, business refinancing, restructuring and IPO organization. In addition, TradexFast has a team of traders in the Forex and Crypto markets for many years. can create sustainable and long-term profits for partners. Currently, along with a team of experts, TradeXFast also creates copyright BOTs to optimize time, create quick and sustainable profits for partners. Those BOTs are invested tens, even hundreds of millions of USD, can perform transactions with processing speed of thousands, millions of times than normal humans. Those machines can read almost all the data every day from the Internet. The input data includes macroeconomic news (PMI, CPI, interest rates, GDP…), fundamental analysis (revenue, profit), statistical analysis (correlation or concordance regression… best), technical analysis (MA, Harmonic, candlestick pattern…), market microstructure (price difference)… so that the robot will make the final decision and execute it.

Plan Investment of TradeXFast

     ▪️ Plan Investment: 0.5% daily forever, withdraw capital anytime with 5% fee (Get bonus 5% if withdraw capital after 6 months, Bonus 10% after 9 months, Bonus 30% after 12 months)

Presentation and Roadmap

     ▪️  Presentation PDF Support 6 Language and Soon will add more
     ▪️  Roadmap Up to 2028

Presentation PDF and Roadmap, check details HERE

Affiliate Program

Your downline invests funds and you will receive daily profits from their profits with 5 levels: 30% – 5% – 5% – 5% – 5%

Rank Bonus Up to 400,000$ with 10 level

Key for invest TradeXFast

     ✅ Our Choice Project, Custom Design, TOP Admin
     ✅ Website Support 6 Language and Presentation PDF Support 6 Language => International Project and will add more soon
     ✅ Add Payment Methods Step by step: Currently only support USDT and BUSD => Soon will add more
     ✅ Plan Investment are good, about 15% monthly is not high. You can withdraw Capital anytime.
     ✅ Have Roadmap detail to 2028
     ✅ Many project succeed with Referral Program base on Partner Income, Have Rank Bonus => Attractive more leader come.
     ✅ Have Function Internal Transfer between member, Have Main Balance, interest Balance and Bonus Balance
     ✅ Strong Security => Don’t worry about hacker your account
     ✅ Min withdraw 10$ => Not low, company can save some fee transfer.
     ✅ Withdraw Paid at fixed time around 3:00 AM UTC+1
     ✅ You can withdraw to any crypto you want => This option is good
     ✅ Have support via Ticket => Work like as company

RCB Rate
Deposit Ref Commission 1st Deposit Re-Deposit
Min Max (%) RCB RCB
$50 $50,000 1% 100% 0%
RCB REQUEST FOR TradeXFast Review | RCB DEPOSIT: $600.00 | RCB PAID: $6.00
Date From User Deposit/RCB Account Status
Dec 05, 2022 13:50:56 woll**** $250.00 / $2.50 248***** Paid
Dec 04, 2022 14:25:41 annh*** $100.00 / $1.00 194***** Paid
Dec 04, 2022 14:11:32 alde**** $250.00 / $2.50 235***** Paid
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AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I have nothing but the highest respect for this business!

Quick Guide For Newbies
Insurance Funds (Total $ 500)
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Our Choice Project
$ 5,500 Soley Read More
$ 1,000 Exby Read More

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