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Min. Deposit: 50$
Min. Withdraw: 10$
Plans: Up 3% daily
Affiliate Program: 4% – 1%
Start Date: Sep 12, 2022
Added Blog Date: Sep 07, 2022
Profit Accrual: 7 day/ week Mon – Sun
All Monitors:
Payment System
Payment Systems
Payment System
Manual Payout Type
Domain Register
Feb 18, 2022 - Feb 18, 2024
Registered on 2 year

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IP-address (France / Roubaix)

IP was not used in other projects
NS servers,


EV SSL valid from 15 Sep, 2022 to 15 Sep, 2023 - DigiCert Inc

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About Torreos

Torreos is officially registered company in HK (Registered Number: 3140412). Torreos a blockchain company provide new generation money making services for clients. It provides customers easy path to the best financial services: Torreos Wallet, Torreos Token, Torreos Staking, Torreos Ventures, Torreos Incubator, Torreos Club. The Torreos blockchain was audited and approved by the well-known Asian auditor – Fairyproof.

Torreos Product

a. Torreos Token

TRS is the one and only native token of the Torreos platform. Buy it, hold it and get the best conditions for the money making.

TRS Tokenomic:

     ▪️ Symbol: TRS
     ▪️ TRC is BSC based token on BEP20
     ▪️ Contract: 0x7a095e1991d6cE9CC9F0aA87f0dC6E48716f73E4
     ▪️ Max Supply: 5,000,000 TRS
     ▪️ Pre-Sales Price: 0.4$
     ▪️ Price Currently: 0.45$

Buy TRS and Enjoy the option:

     ▪️ High daily profit rate on Torreos Staking (up to 3%)
     ▪️ Earning on the TRS growing rate
     ▪️ Better partnership bonus on Torreos Club
     ▪️ Multiplier boost of your allocation amount for Torreos Incubator (Up to 5x)
     ▪️ Holders with 5,000 TRS or more will get a vote on our Dex protocol
     ▪️ Special offers and VIP meetup tickets

Now TRS already listing on Torreos Exchange, You can Buy/Sell Instant. 

Click Torreos Token => Click (1) for Top Up TRS Token => Click Swap for Buy or Sell TRS instant to BTC/ETH/USDT….. => Click Transfer for withdraw your TRS to Trustwallet or PancakeSwap……

b. Torreos Staking

     ▪️ You can Staking USDT, BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX and Get Profit 1.3 – 3% daily for 365 days, Deposit Return
     ▪️ Profit daily rate depend on your current TRS Balance
     ▪️ Withdraw Manual Up to 24 hours but very fast

How to Staking?

Click 1 for choose balance USDT/BTC/ETH… => Click Refill Balance

After Money Credit => Click Create Staking => Enter Amount => Click Add to Staking

c. Torreos Wallet

Hold and Earn wallet: Torreos offer a Unique Autostaking option. When you hold Cryptocoins on Torreos Balance, you will get 0.1% average income daily

d. Torreos Ventures

Big money always stronger and get the best offers on market. We have to change this rules. Torreos platform support Ventures Pools Module. You may invest together with thousand other investor worlwide. After the pools would be filled, it transfer to work with the best ROI.

e. Torreos Incubator

Torreos Incubator is the place, where new startups sell it’s token for the best price to the investors. That is a both sides winning solution. Anyone can take a piece of pie and get a lot of profitable deals. Of course, Torreos analytic team will double check all offers. Only the best startups with the healthy economy and Tokenomic, big and active community – Will take place on Torreos Incubator

f. Torreos Club

Torreos Club was made to reward all member for activity. You make take a successful career in Torreos Team. Growing from level to level and earn more bonus for invitation. Also, We will announce an international meetup and VIP Brunches calendar soon.

RCB Rate
Deposit Ref Commission 1st Deposit Re-Deposit
Min Max (%) RCB RCB
$10 $100,000 4% 200% 50%
RCB REQUEST FOR Torreos Review | RCB DEPOSIT: $400.00 | RCB PAID: $24.00
Date From User Deposit/RCB Account Status
Sep 30, 2022 13:53:03 woll**** $200.00 / $16.00 248***** Paid
Sep 29, 2022 12:56:25 alde**** $200.00 / $8.00 U17***** Paid
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