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Min. Deposit: 50$
Min. Withdraw: 20$
Plans: Up 0.5% daily
Affiliate Program: 5% – 3% – 1%
Start Date: Nov 03, 2019
Added Blog Date: July 18, 2022
Profit Accrual: 5 day/ week Mon – Fri
All Monitors:
Payment System
Payment Systems
Payment System
Manual Payout Type
Domain Register
Feb 15, 2018 - Feb 15, 2023
Registered on 5 year

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IP-address (Canada / Toronto)

IP was not used in other projects
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amy.ns.cloudflare.com, jonah.ns.cloudflare.com


Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-3 valid from 10 May, 2022 to 11 May, 2023 - Cloudflare, Inc.

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About Robotics

Robotics Online LLC (“Robotics.Online”) is a Limited Liability Company registered in the State of Delaware in the United States of America under number #6865710 and is located at 1201 N Orange St Suite, 7160 Wilmington, DE 19801, USA. Robotics.Online is not regulated by a license for financial services. Robotics.Online is a global online platform for the direct commission-free exchange of decentralized currencies in US dollars and vice versa. Members have the option to create terms with the exchanged decentralized currency where, depending on the success of our company, returns may arise. As with any investment, your capital is at risk. Please note, however, that the return achieved in previous periods does not guarantee the return in future periods.

Plan Investment of Robotics

    ▪️ Plan Basic: Invest from 50$, Profit 0.25 – 0.5% daily for 12 business days, Deposit return

What is Autopilot?

    ▪️ With “Autopilot”, you can invest your capital long-term and receive additional profits.
    ▪️ As soon as you have activated this option on a plan, your returns, including the initial capital, will be automatically reinvested at the end of the 12-day term.
    ▪️ These reinvestments run until you deactivate them. This way, you can benefit twice from the compound interest effect!

You will receive a 1% bonus for each completed term. The limit for that added bonus is 20%.


    ▪️ You will receive a return of 4% over a period of 12 business days. Your bonus is 20%, so your profits will be increased by this amount.
    ▪️ With a $1,000 investment, your 4% return would be exactly $40.
    ▪️ The 20% Autpilot bonus will now be added on top of the profits.
    ▪️ $40 profits + 20% Autopilot bonus = $48
    ▪️ So in that example, you receive an additional $8.
    ▪️ Your return for this term is, therefore, $48.

Keep in mind that you can always activate or deactive the Autopilot function whenever you want. Once you deactivate it, your capital will be paid out at the end of the current 12-day term.

Therefore, your capital is always accessible within the 12 buisness days.

Robotics Lottery

Invest & get free ticket for the weekly Lottery win up 1M$

    ▪️ After you invested, every Monday at 5pm, your active investment will be counted.
    ▪️ For every $25 of active investment you get 1 ticket for the weekly lottery.
    ▪️ In our example, you actively have $1,000 invested, so you will receive 40 tickets for this week.

RCB Rate
Deposit Ref Commission 1st Deposit Re-Deposit
Min Max (%) RCB RCB
$50 $100,000 5% 50% 50%
RCB REQUEST FOR Robotics Review | RCB DEPOSIT: $449.00 | RCB PAID: $11.23
Date From User Deposit/RCB Account Status
Aug 04, 2022 07:29:29 orac*** $199.00 / $4.98 394***** Paid
Jul 31, 2022 10:00:27 genf**** $50.00 / $1.25 419***** Paid
Jul 19, 2022 09:28:33 todi $200.00 / $5.00 315***** Paid
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heatstreak <span class="wpdiscuz-comment-count"><i class="fa fa-comments-o"></i>21</span>

What a beautiful program, paying long term
They have changed the plans but its all for the good
There will be no longer hit and runners due to this and the company should work for a long time with long term investors
More power to Robotics
I was paid some referral commissions 🙂

Payment Batch – 

0.794631 LTC
2022-08-13 18:15:24 UTC

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