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From September 2021 onwards, Blog HyipFinance.Com officially launches TIP TRON program (reward) with a Chat command on Group Chat for active and supportive members on Our Blog Chat Group (Blog will choose pick the most active members and TIP them….). In addition, you can also TIP each other with just a Chat command. Rewards will be automatically transferred instantly to your TRX wallet. Besides, don’t forget the monthly bonus for Top Investors.

✅ Positive activities such as:

  • Share proof of investment (Deposit) or payment (Withdraw) of projects that Our Blog reviews
  • Share cashback payments (RCB) from Our Blog
  • Share information/Contribute/Good Feedback
  • Answer other members’ questions if you know
  • Ask constructive questions
  • Invite other members to join Group Chat
  • Share your problem….

🎁 How to get TIP (Reward) and TIP for each other?

Step 1: Activate the GoSeedit Bot and create a TRX Wallet

Click @GoSeeditBot for activate Bot

Start the Bot with the command Start

Click Wallets

Select TRON wallet to create one

Click Balance to check your balance. Loading the balance can take up to a minute.

Wallet has been created and now you can get TIP coins in Tron (TRX) from Our Blog or from other Member with a Chat command.

Step 2: How to TIP on Chat with SeeditBot

On Our Blog Group Chat, you only rely on members’ answers with the Chat command as follows:

/tip <amount> <token>

Ex: /tip 1 trx

Note: Your SeeditBot TRX wallet must have money to be able to TIP

Step 3: Change wallet to receive TIP on SeeditBot and withdraw money

To withdraw money, you can change the wallet to receive TIP on SeeditBot or keep the default wallet and press the following command to withdraw money (This command must be done in a private message with the Bot)

/send <wallet> <amount> <token>

Ex: /sent TAPPSxChysSRnxJHitbAa3rvArWnNVYrqj 100 TRX

  • Money will immediately be sent to your personal wallet (Wallet here is TRX wallet)
  • There is no minimum amount to withdraw however network fee 0.1 – 0.15 TRX . must be taken into account

In addition, you can change your TIP wallet with your personal TRX wallet (Example: TronLink Address Wallet). When change like this, you do not need to perform the Send command above to withdraw money, but the money will be transferred Instant directly to your personal wallet.

In this picture, press Address and type the following command

/wallet <chain> <address>

Ex: /wallet trx TAPPSxChysSRnxJHitbAa3rvArWnNVYrqj

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