What is Refback (RCB) HYIP?

Hello guys! Did you hear (or see) “HYIP RCB”? I think if you are HYIP investor, you can hear (or see) it as less one time, this is really popular in HYIP industry, you can see in signature of more HYIP Monitors like: 1600% RCB, 2000% RCB or 3000% RCB or on Blog HYIP or on famous HYIP forums such as TalkGold, MoneyMakerGroup, DreamTeamMoney and more, so, what do RCB means?

What is Refback (RCB)?

Refback (RCB) stands for Referral Commission Back (is mean Blog HyipFinance.Com will send back commission to you). Referral Commission is a mount of HFTeam will receive when you register and invest in project like the downline of HFTeam affiliate.

Refback (RCB) is a similar form of cashback on purchases. Specifically, a refund is a partial refund of amount from your purchase to your account, respectively, Refback (RCB) is a partial refund from the amount of your deposit.

So what is the advantage of RCB (Refund)?

  • Refunds allow you to break even faster
  • With the cashback, the profit from the project is increased.

How to calculate the RCB?

For example: Your deposit for project X is $ 200. Our blog RCB 5%

=> Then you will receive (Cashback) = 200 x 5% = 10 $

How to receive RCB?

To receive RCB, you need to use our blog’s referral link for any project that our blog review to register for an account and open investment package.

After Open a deposit you need Leave a comment on each review for request RCB with the form below per Review

  • Username / Email
  • Investment amount
  • Your Wallet

Like that Image Bellow

How long will the RCB be paid?

  • Time to transfer the RCB within 24 hours of your request to receive the RCB
  • Within 2 days you need to send a request to receive rcb if after 2 days deposit then HyipFinance will not RCB for you

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Important note: Online investment always has a certain level of risk. Investors should carefully consider the level of risk before making investment decisions

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