What is insurance in HYIP and how does it work?

Insurance – is the compensation for loss to  investor in case the project stops paying (Scam).

Insured – HYIP projects in which the investors of Blog HyipFinance.Com are compensated for all or part of their losses in case the project scam..

This is a beneficial incentive, as after the project scam, Blog HyipFinance.Com will compensate the investor for all or part of the losses for insured project

In addition, Blog HyipFinance.Com will sometimes have unexpected insurance payments, ie the project may not be covered, but our blog will covers losses for investors at our own expense.

Notes: This is the loss insurance, not cover all your investment capital when you invest in the project.

Conditions for getting insurance

1. Register and invest in insurance projects by Blog HyipFinance.Com’s direct referral link.

2. Only deposits created according to the recommended investment plan of Blog HyipFinance.Com are covered.

3. Invest in the period time require for insurance

4. Commented the request to receive RCB (Refback) on the review after active deposit and was transferred to RCB by the blog

5. Submit an insurance request by form of Blog HyipFinance.Com (Form Insurance will be announced at Telegram channel of Blog after project Scam)

How to calculate the compensation?

Total sum insured will be prorated for all losses incurred by all investors invested in a given project and insured

A. Total loss of the investors does not exceed the Sum Insured

=> Insured Loss Amount= Loss Amount of each one.

B. Total loss of the investors exceeds The Sum Insured

=> Insured Loss amount = (Total Sum Insured / Total Loss of The Investors) x Loss amount of each Investors.

In which:

(1). Total Sum Insured: 1,000$

(2). Loss amount of each Investor = Investment amount –  received RCB amount –  received Interest.

(3). Received Interest = (End date – First day when interest is paid on the account) x% interest per day (1.02%) x Investment amount

Apply compensation Rules:

Insurance payment time will last within 03 working days since HyipFinance.Com Blog starts opening the request form and it will take 1- 4 days to calculate and transfer Insured Loss Amount to Investors. So from the time Blog HyipFinance.Com has notice of compensation until Investors receive the insurance, it will last a maximum of 7 working days.

If Our Blog need more info, Our Blog will contact you via email, so please keep in touch with Blog HyipFinance.Com via email.

Good luck to you.

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Important note: Online investment always has a certain level of risk. Investors should carefully consider the level of risk before making investment decisions

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