What is Antares?

Antares is a platform promoting investment and MLM companies, digital products and startups on the market using the referral system model. Antares provides users around the world with financial freedom and contemporary business education.

The selection of companies is carried out according to 138 parameters for checking financial and security indicators, as well as the feasibility of business forecasts.

Two Underlying Principles of Antares

Develop a progressive communitybased on the principles of referral systems that each partner of the company can use to make an unlimited income.

Create a model for developing, scaling and promoting startups, MLM and investment companies to the market using a network distribution model.

Antares Official Group

Antares Investment Affiliate Programs

Binar Profit Team

  • Promotion of Catalyst with a binary marketing plan.

  • Include 12 investment packages From 100$ to 100,000$

  • Floating, up to 2% per day, 7 days a week,

  • Term of the work: 200 calendar days

  • Affiliate Program: Linear bonus, Binary bonus, Mentor bonus, Office bonus, Reputation bonus.

  • For all users

Synergy Profit Team

  • Promotion of Synergy Auto, using a linear compensation marketing plan.

  • Purchase products or services (car, real estate, loan repayment and much more) for 30–60% of their market value

  • Up to 2% per day depending on the chosen program

  • Program duration From 60 to 149 days

  • Affiliate Program: Linear, up to 10 levels deep

  • Only users with level M11 or higher are allowed to buy

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Benefits of joining Antares with HFTeam

Refback up 7% of deposit (Refback lifetime)

Insurance Fund up to $ 1,000

Supporting buy Internal AND saves 2% of fee deposit

Support to push 1 leg chance of getting Binary Commission up to 30k – 60k $

Extra bonus for reaching Mentor Level (M1-M5) up to $ 575 

In May 2020, have opportunity to receive cash (BTC, ETH, PM …) up to $ 4,000.

Support for all information, documents, Landing pages …

Support webinars, event, leadership, offline presentations….

Is investing in Antare safe?

According to HFTeam, Antares is a safe platform for investors and a platform that can double assets for investors after 200 calendar days. For leaders, Antares is a very attractive working environment with 5 Types Bonus.

Antares is one of that rare high quality projects where you see combination of:

Team Dev is strong, experienced in operating large and long-term projects. The old project has been operating for nearly 2 years.

Antares is register company in Hong Kong and have legal modal clear.

Choosing a trust partner and promoting with 138 parameters for checking

Insurance Capital and Profit for investors through Antares Сapital Protection Fund

The website of Antares is designed with very high quality and professionalism, which certainly shows a long and elaborate preparation.

Bringing Real products into Antares‘ huge ecosystem

Roadmap is clear with a detailed plan 5 years from 2020 to 2025.

Smart investment plan: Gradually opening investment packages, not opening such large packages will put pressure on the system.

How to turn $500 – $1,000 into $31,030 – $67,430 just in 10 weeks?

Earn good money in 10 weeks!

Easy to start, easy to complete – best option to spend your time during staying at home. Making internet money online is always actual. And we make it possible and affordable here in Antares Trade.

How to start challenge?

Just invite 2 partners who also want to complete challenge!

Results Achieved after 2 months of HFTeam


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