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Why Advertise with Us?

  • A team of expert journalists, covering news stories from around the world
  • Original, extensively researched viral content
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What Do We Offer?

We create customized campaigns based on our clients’ needs and requirements, this may include the below in multiple combinations.

  • Premium HYIP Listing
  • ICO/Airdrop Listing
  • Article Reviews
  • Banner Ads


+ Option 1: Adveritse Only On Vietincome.Com or

  • Banner Ads (728×90, 300×250, 300×600…): $100/Month
  • Article Review (lifetime): $500 for HYIP Listing/ ICO Listing/ Airdrop Listing

Best Offer: 560$ for Article Review and Banner Ads

+ Option 2: Advertise Both Vietincome.Com and HyipFinance.Com

  • Banner Ads (728×90, 300×250, 300×600…): $150/Month
  • Article Review (lifetime): $800

Best Offer: 880$ for Article Review and Banner Ads

Notes: All Options, I will lead my members to invest in your website via : TelegramZalo (same Viber), TelephoneEmail marketingFacebookFanpageSkype,…

Please choose the best Options for your ads and give me feedback.

Pay Price Via:

  • Perfect Money (PM): U4532346
  • USDT: 0x73f1AdD31e2d0e0E6cE5a78AB6C2D82ec9C8965c
  • Bitcoin: 19tQFid8FALuPQAUeKVcP8UCMFs8ZHU3FN
  • Ethereum: 0x3fb5815142cf803c1a44cd69ea562419f10a3289
  • LiteCoin: LUT8oFeBiBRbnE2L2ZDtwM8B72kwvAvnoP

Note: Link to your website is my ref link


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  • Total Referrals: 390
  • Total active referrals: 341
  • Personal Turnover: $ 138,150
  • Structural Turnover: $ 1,149,498

2 – Stocksons

  • Total Referrals: 34
  • Total active referrals: 21
  • Personal Turnover: $ 5,000
  • Structural Turnover: $ 55,868

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